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Public University

- Bachelor Degree- Master Degree- PhD Degree- Post PhD Degree

If you want to study at the Guelph University in Canada, you can now find out the general information, fields Of Study, application criteria, in addition to the expected tuition fees.

Basic Information

  • Category: government university
  • Preparatory year: There is a preparatory year in this university
  • Conditional Admission: This university does not usually give conditional admission
  • Language requirements: English TOFEL, English Iltes
  • Can you study in English? Yes, it offers presentations in English

Guelph University Fields Of Study

  • English Literature
  • International Economy
  • Political Economy
  • Date
  • Visual Design And Effects
  • Graphic Design
  • Education
  • Geography
  • Sports
  • Maths
  • Agriculture, Forestry And Environment
  • Public Health
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Organic
  • Social Sciences And Humanities
  • Applied Sciences
  • Art, Music And Design
  • Law And Political Science
  • Latin Language
  • Linguistics And Cultural Studies
  • Accounting
  • Music
  • Geometry
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Biology
  • Economics And Business Administration
  • Psychology And Psychiatry
  • Petrol Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Software Engineering

The University of Guelph is a Canadian university located in Guelph, Ontario. The University of Guelph is a comprehensive public research university established in 1964 after the merger of the Ontario Agricultural College, the MacDonald Institute, and the Ontario Veterinary College, and has since grown into an institution of more than 32,000 students and more than 1,500 faculty members.

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University Of Guelph Ranking

The University of Guelph’s Veterinary Medicine program was ranked 4th in the world in 2015. The University of Guelph is ranked 4th in Canada. It has held these rankings thanks to its reputation for innovative, research-intensive programs and vibrant campus life that have been cited as particular strengths. The university mainly focuses on life sciences and has been ranked 76-100 in the world by ARWU.

Guelph University Colleges

The University of Guelph consists of seven (7) colleges:

  1. Collage of Arts
  2. Faculty of Biological Sciences
  3. College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  4. Faculty of Social and Applied Humanities
  5. Ontario Agricultural College
  6. Ontario Veterinary College
  7. Other areas of academic specialization include:
  8. College of Computer Science
  9. College of Engineering
  10. School of English and Dramatic Studies
  11. School of Environmental Design and Rural Development
  12. Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  13. School of Fine Arts and Music
  14. School of Languages ​​and Literatures
  15. Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  16. Open learning and educational support
  17. University of Guelph Humber.
Guelph University in Canada

University Of Guelph Library In Canada

The six-story Guelph Library provides students with more than 400 library computers and access to books, periodicals, films, audiovisual materials, archives, government documents, and maps. During the 2017/2018 academic year, the library received more than 1.4 million visitors.

Students can access millions of library resources through an automated library system that partners with 14 other academic libraries in Ontario. Students, faculty, and staff at Guelph can also access electronic resources from anywhere at any time.

Student Life

Campus student government is officially governed by the university’s student regulation policy. This document, created in 2005, provides the basis for the accreditation of student groups on campus. Student groups listed as primary student organizations under the policy are:

  1. Central Student Association (CSA)
  2. Graduate Student Association (GSA)
  3. College of Arts Student Union (CA-SU)
  4. College of Biological Sciences Student Council (CBS-SC)
  5. Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics Student Association (Lang-Sa)
  6. College of Physical and Engineering Sciences Student Council (CPES-SC)
  7. College of Social Sciences and Applied Humanities Student Alliance (CSAHS-SA)
  8. Ontario Agricultural College Student Union (SF-OAC)
  9. Central Veterinary Student Association (CVSA)
  10. Internal Council (IHC)

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