Trent University in Canada


Public University

- Bachelor Degree- Master Degree- PhD Degree- Post PhD Degree

If you want to study at the Trent University in Canada, you can now find out the general information, fields Of Study, application criteria, in addition to the expected tuition fees.

Basic Information

  • Category: government university
  • Preparatory year: There is no preparatory year in this university
  • Conditional Admission: This university usually gives conditional admission
  • Language requirements: English TOFEL, English Iltes
  • Can you study in English? Yes, it offers presentations in English

Trent University Fields Of Study

  • Hotel Management
  • Antiquities And Museums
  • English Literature
  • International Economy
  • Political Economy
  • Date
  • Education
  • Visual Design And Effects
  • Graphic Design
  • Education
  • Geography
  • Sports
  • Maths
  • Agriculture, Forestry And Environment
  • Tourism
  • Press And Media
  • Public Health
  • The Pharmacy
  • Human Medicine And Dentistry
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Aviation
  • Organic
  • Social Sciences And Humanities
  • Applied Sciences
  • Digital Science
  • Architecture
  • Art, Music And Design
  • Physics
  • Law And Political Science
  • Chemistry
  • German Language
  • French Language
  • Latin Language
  • Linguistics And Cultural Studies
  • Accounting
  • Electronic Simulation
  • Music
  • Geometry
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • History Of Art And Civilizations

Trent University is a public university in Canada, established in 1964. It is located in the city of Peterborough, Oshawa.

More Universities in Canada

Trent University Colleges

  • Catherine Bar Trail College 
  • College Trail
  • Champlain College
  • Lady Eaton College
  • Otonabe College  
  • Peter Czowski College
  • Peter Robinson College
  • Julian Blackburn College

Postgraduate Studies At Trent University

Trent has a number of graduate programs including Anthropology, Applications of Modeling in the Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, History, Theory and Culture, MA in Politics, Environmental and Life Sciences, and Materials Science, MA. The Frost Center for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies offers the majors in Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies MA program. 

In addition, the center, in collaboration with Carleton University, offers a Ph.D. in Canadian Studies. The program was the first of its kind in Canada. [citation needed] The university’s Indigenous/Indigenous Studies program was the first in Canada, and the second only in North America. 

 The new PhD. The Cultural Studies program is the first of its kind in Canada. Trent was also recently a certified MA/MA in Psychology. 

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