Amazing Documentaries programs that you must watch

Whatever you are interested in Documentaries programs: nature, such animals…space…anthropology…chemistry and physics, geology and any other branch of science and life. You will always find a documentary to suit your taste.

TV and movie websites aren’t just about dramas, action, and science fiction, there’s also an amazing treasure that many might not pay attention to: documentaries.

In today’s article, we have collected for you a list of the best documentaries that you can watch whenever you feel bored and tired of watching regular fantasy series and movies.

Documentaries programs you must watch

It is worth noting that the following documentaries are not the only ones, but rather they are recommendations that introduce you to this world and motivate you to search and watch more.

1- Our Planet

Fifty countries and more than three thousand shooting days, combine them to get “Our Planet”. A visually stunning exploration of nature around the world.

This eight-episode documentary series takes you on an enchanting adventure through diverse landscapes from the remote Arctic wilderness to the jungles of South Africa to the mysterious depths of the oceans.

While showcasing these stunning habitats and landscapes, the series also plays its part in highlighting how they are all threatened by rapid climate change. It stresses the need to save our planet by taking immediate measures.

2- The Social Dilemma

Admit it: you’re addicted to your smartphone! More specifically, you are probably someone who routinely checks their social media accounts. But…what makes you so addicted? And how can you reduce this?

These are the important questions that the documentary “The Social Dilemma” attempts to answer. Through some interviews with some of the oldest workers in Silicon Valley such as Justin Rosenstein who invented the like button.

It is one of the best engaging documentaries that showcase the aspect of artificial intelligence and psychology behind compulsive smartphone use. Best of all, it is presented in clear, easy language that anyone can understand.

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3- Into The Inferno

Volcanoes… You will see a lot of them in this documentary: volcanoes in Indonesia, in Iceland in Ethiopia and even volcanoes in North Korea. And all these violent natural wonders look absolutely magical in this movie.

But these amazing views are not the only ones that will draw you in, as pioneers of volcanology explain in this documentary the science behind volcanic eruptions and the catastrophic damage they can cause.

4- Explained . series

Can humans live forever? Why does music make us feel a certain way? How do we know how smart animals really are?

These questions and many more are answered in the Explained series in a fun and interesting way. In the episodes of this documentary series, you will find answers to most of the strange baffling questions that haunt you in the late hours of the night.

5- Unnatural Selection

Evolution is truly an amazing process, delicate and beautiful as well. But it’s also slow, but that may not last long thanks to gene-editing technology.

This is the issue raised by Unnatural Selection, one of the best documentaries you can watch today.

This four-part film examines the ethical dilemmas posed by new genetic discoveries and their potential to transform humanity as we know it today.

6- Babies

Before the question comes to your mind? The answer is “yes”…this documentary is full of babies…very cute and cute babies, but that’s not all.

The Babies documentary series delves deeply into the study of how a child develops during the first year of life, from learning how young children sleep differently from adults to how they develop a child’s motor and language skills.

This series will undoubtedly give you a heartwarming reminder of how capable we humans are to adapt to the various circumstances of life.

7- Behind the Curve

Yes, it’s a flat Earth documentary! But, that’s the weird kind that some keep watching on YouTube. This film quickly proves that the Earth is indeed spherical, and then asks why “flat-Earth” theorists believe this puzzling oddity.

The intent of this documentary is not to disparage these people’s beliefs, but rather to provide a balanced and humane explanation instead of their thinking. He explains the Dunning-Kruger effect, a cognitive bias in which people convince themselves that they know everything when they know very little.

8- The Final Flight: Challenger: The Final Flight

Another of the best documentaries today is the four-part Challenger: The Final Flight, which deals with one of the worst moments of human space travel, the Challenger disaster in 1986.

The tragedy in which the world witnessed the explosion of the space shuttle just 73 seconds after its launch, killing all seven occupants.

What exactly caused this disaster? What prevented the discovery of the errors that led to their occurrence? Not only will this film answer those questions, but it will also tell the story of each and every one of the shuttle crew who died, including Christa McAuliffe, who was to be the first female teacher in space.

9- Kiss the Ground

This short film pays tribute to the Earth’s most unexpected savior from global warming: dirt. It is assumed that the renewal of the planet’s soil will replenish the water supply, stimulate the growth of more plants, which contributes to saving the planet and protecting humanity from extinction.

Despite the dense content, this documentary presents its complex scientific information in a clear conceptual manner, with attractive illustrations and animations, which makes it a great movie to watch.

10- Connected

In case you’re not convinced that the whole world is connected, and it’s getting more and more connected with each passing day, journalist Latif Nasir will work to convince you of that with this six-part documentary.
In each part of this documentary series, Nasser tackles a different topic, linking different animals, events and natural phenomena that may not seem interconnected to you at all so that you will finally realize how comprehensive, cohesive and interconnected our ecosystem is.

11- 72 Dangerous Animals 72

Do you like animals? Specifically, predators? Does watching a special about 72 predators sound fun to you?

If your answer is “yes”, then you will undoubtedly love this documentary that shows you the desperate fight between 72 predators for the title of “the most dangerous animal of all”.

With the help of animal experts, each part of this film reviews a group of animals and studies how they adapt and adapt to their environments, in the last part, the most deadly animal is chosen and crowned as king on the throne of the “most dangerous animal.”

This was a list of the most famous and best documentaries produced and shown in recent years. Contrary to the stagnation of documentaries in the past, today’s documentary production has become more interesting and attracts many audiences of all ages.

You do not have to be a researcher in a field, or an old man to follow films and documentaries, what is available today is suitable for everyone.

Share with us through the comments in the name of a program or a documentary that you have previously watched and liked, and do not forget to register on our site and view various interesting and useful articles.

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