Australia’s best cities to live

It’s no wonder that migrating to work and live in Australia has become a popular choice today, with its famous sunny climate and laid-back culture. As the number of expatriates is constantly increasing and spreading in different states and regions of the country and includes different age groups, from young graduates to mature retirees.

About traveling to Australia

Australia is somewhat remote and isolated from the rest of the world, but with the low cost of flying and the development of various means of communication, immigration to this country is not a difficult challenge anymore.

Today you can enjoy sunny Australian weather and a good life, while staying close to your family and friends back home through modern communication technologies.

Australia’s best cities to live in

So, do you like the idea of ​​migrating to the land of sunny beaches and cute kangaroos? Do you find yourself confused about choosing the right city to settle in?

Do not worry, we have compiled for you in today’s article a list of the 7 best Australian cities suitable for expats, depending on a number of important factors, such as:

  • living costs.
  • Availability of educational institutions such as schools and universities.
  • Jobs chances.
  • Various recreational activities.

Take a look at it, and choose the most suitable destination for you!

1- Adelaide: Best for Food and Drink

The capital of South Australia, Adelaide, has been growing in popularity recently, thanks to its country friendly character and affordable property prices.

Not only that, the city is suitable for immigrants in terms of employment opportunities, as it provides more than 5,000 jobs annually for immigrants, especially in the fields of health care, education, and manufacturing.

Many expats choose to live in the green suburbs of Belair and Banksia Park. There you will find diverse cultures that you can enjoy.

Adelaide is known for its fun cultural and music festivals, as well as a great selection of restaurants serving delicious and varied regional dishes.

Relax at the charming Adelaide beaches, or take a trip to the nearby vineyards. Whatever you prefer, you will find it in the capital of the south.

Advantages of living in Adelaide:

  • Quiet city compared to other major Australian cities such as Sydney.
  • Easy access to green spaces such as the Botanical Garden and Mount Lofty.

Cons of living in Adelaide:

  • Unemployment is higher than the national average.
  • Services such as malls or hospitals are relatively few and far from each other.

2- Brisbane: the best in nature

Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city, offering its residents all the thrills of living in a big city, at prices far below the cost of living in Sydney or Melbourne.

Although the city center is teeming with tall skyscrapers, its location is also ideal for an escape into nature. Locals enjoy their beautiful river, whether by spending time on its banks or sailing on it.

Not only that, you can easily access many of the city’s treasures such as the famous Gold Coast or the Great Barrier Reef.

Brisbane’s economy has been experiencing significant growth lately, and the following are some of the most in-demand areas of business in the city:

  • Tourism and Hospitality.
  • the health.
  • manufacturing.

Here you can find lively areas close to city life such as Paddington, popular with expats, or quieter suburbs for families such as Morayfield.

Pros of living in Brisbane:

  • A fast-growing, developed economy, especially in the areas of tourism and health.
  • Proximity to a number of Australia’s distinctive treasures such as the Gold Coast.
  • Mild climate all year round.

Cons of living in Brisbane:

  • Parking services and places are the most expensive in all Australian cities.
  • The cost of housing is relatively high in the inner suburbs, but lowers further away from the city centre.

3- Canberra: Best for families

Although it is the inner capital of Australia, but the population of Canberra does not exceed 400,000 people, which gives it the charm of small towns with its beautiful streets full of trees and greenery.

Not only that, real estate is relatively low-priced compared to the national average price of about $340,000. Where you can find real estate at prices not exceeding 70,000 US dollars, which makes it one of the most suitable cities to live in, especially for families.

Canberra has many different entertainment and activities such as parks and restaurants, as well as museums and galleries such as the National Gallery of Australia.

Pros of living in Canberra:

  • The cost of living is comparatively lower than the rest of the major cities such as Melbourne.
  • It has many family-friendly suburbs and neighborhoods such as Belconnen and Tuggeranong.
  • Australia’s safest city, with the lowest crime rate.

Cons of living in Canberra:

  • A bit far from the beach (needs about 2 hours to get to the nearest beach).
  • Although real estate prices are low, rental costs are very high.

4- Hobart: Best in terms of real estate costs

Hobart is the second oldest city in Australia, located in the south of the country on the banks of the Derwent River.

This city is popular with those who prefer somewhat cooler temperatures. During the summer in the city, the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. It also enjoys a quiet pace of life.

The city boasts a wide variety of high-end and mid-cost properties alike.

The banks of the Derwent River are a great place for both old and young retirees to enjoy. Kingston was recently named the best Australian city to live in for families.

It is true that Hobart does not have a fast growing job market, but it nevertheless provides stable and stable job opportunities especially in the fields of construction, viticulture and engineering, which makes it a suitable option for many.

Pros of living in Hobart:

  • The best in terms of real estate prices.
  • It has a charming nature.
  • A small town gives you the feeling of living in the countryside.

Cons of living in Hobart:

  • Separate and isolated from the main territory of Australia.
  • Its average income is the lowest in Australia.
  • Lacking public transportation.

5- Melbourne: Best for Culture

Melbourne, which includes a diverse cultural mix, is the cultural capital of Australia, with a distinctive cultural character enhanced by the presence of many museums, festivals and various cultural activities.

Not only that, it is also a favorite city for sports enthusiasts. Its residents come from all over the world and from different social backgrounds which has given rise to diverse neighborhoods as well, Surrey Hills and Camberwell being popular with families with children, while St. Kilda is inhabited by younger people.

Pros of living in Melbourne:

  • Great diversity of cultural activities from theaters and festivals to street arts and world archaeological sites.
  • A hotspot for athletes, with many sports activities such as tennis, cricket and football.
  • Its nightlife is thriving.

Cons of living in Melbourne:

  • High competitiveness in the real estate market, especially for tenants.
  • Unpredictable fickle weather.
  • Public transportation is not very reliable.

6- Perth: Best in terms of climate

Perth is located on the west coast of Australia, and is characterized by wonderful gardens and parks, a thriving economy, and a mild climate all year round.

Life in Perth is pretty sweet, and the fields of work are also good, especially in the areas of mining, tourism, healthcare and technology.

Families in particular tend to settle in neighborhoods like Victoria Park or Applecross because they have strong schools. While some prefer to enjoy various cultural and recreational activities by settling in Fremantle along the south coast of Perth.

Pros of living in Perth:

  • A growing and prosperous economy, especially in the technical fields.
  • Easy access to beaches, islands and nature reserves.

Cons of living in Perth:

  • Fewer different activities that can be done compared to other cities.
  • A secluded city where it takes 3 hours by plane to get to the nearest major city (Adelaide).

7- Sydney: The best in terms of job opportunities

Sydney has a population of 5 million, making it the largest city in Australia, and home to some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions.

You can sail into the harbor to see the famous Opera House, or catch surfers at Bondi Beach. While the city center’s lights and vibrant life attract young expats, many families choose to live in the city’s northern suburbs in particular.

Sydney plays an essential role in the world stage, which has greatly affected the cost of living in it, as it is one of the most expensive countries in the world.

Undoubtedly, the booming economy in the city means the development of career prospects as well, especially in the following areas:

  • Financial Services.
  • Communication Technology.
  • creative industries.

Pros of living in Sydney:

  • The unemployment rate is very low and below the general national average.
  • Easy access to more than 100 different beaches.
  • The cost of public transport services is low and is considered the best in the world.

Cons of living in Sydney:

  • The cost of living is very high compared to the rest of the Australian cities.
  • Traffic congestion is very stifling, especially in the summer.

So, which of these cities do you prefer? Which one did you find suitable conditions for you to settle in Australia? Are there other cities to migrate to?

Share your opinion with us through the comments, and feel free to check out the comprehensive guide on immigration to Australia.

Source: movehub

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