The Best Cities to Learn English in Canada

The Best Cities to Learn English in Canada

With a variety of cities to choose from, each offering unique experiences and language learning opportunities, Canada provides an ideal environment for honing your English skills.

Canada is renowned for its friendly atmosphere, diverse culture, and excellent education system.

If you’re looking to learn English, there’s no better place to do it than in the Great White North.

1. Toronto: The Cultural Melting Pot

Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is a melting pot of cultures and languages. This multicultural environment makes it an exceptional place to immerse yourself in the English language. The city offers numerous language schools, conversation clubs, and cultural events that allow you to practice English while exploring diverse communities.

Top 5 Schools:

International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC): ILAC is one of the largest and most well-known language schools in Toronto. They offer a variety of English programs, experienced instructors, and a vibrant international student community.

EC Toronto: EC Toronto provides a wide range of English courses for all levels. Their interactive teaching methods and modern facilities create an engaging learning environment.

Kaplan International Languages: With a prime location in downtown Toronto, Kaplan offers comprehensive English programs and a variety of student activities to enhance language learning.

Tamwood Language Centres: Tamwood offers personalized English courses, small class sizes, and a focus on practical language skills through real-world experiences.

GEOS Languages Plus Toronto: GEOS provides a supportive and friendly atmosphere for learning English. Their experienced teachers and diverse student body contribute to a dynamic language-learning environment.

2. Vancouver: Where Nature Meets Language

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the stunning Rocky Mountains, Vancouver offers a unique blend of natural beauty and language learning.

Top 5 Schools:

Stafford House Vancouver: Stafford House offers a range of English courses in a stunning Vancouver setting. They emphasize interactive learning and provide cultural experiences to practice language skills.

Inlingua Vancouver: With a reputation for excellence, inlingua offers personalized language programs with experienced instructors and a commitment to student success.

VGC International College: VGC provides immersive English programs, social activities, and a supportive community to enhance language learning in the heart of Vancouver.

Global Village English Centres Vancouver: Global Village offers a diverse range of English courses along with cultural immersion activities to help students practice language skills in real-life situations.

VanWest College: VanWest College focuses on small class sizes and interactive lessons, allowing students to receive personalized attention and make rapid progress in their English skills.

3. Montreal: A Bilingual Experience

As the largest city in the province of Quebec, Montreal offers a bilingual environment where you can learn both English and French.

Top 5 Schools:

ALI – Académie Linguistique Internationale
: ALI offers a range of English courses in Montreal’s bilingual environment. Their experienced teachers and dynamic teaching methods create an effective language-learning experience.

ILSC Montreal: ILSC provides a variety of English programs with a focus on interactive learning. Their multicultural environment enhances language practice and cultural understanding.

EC Montreal: EC Montreal offers engaging English courses and a strong emphasis on cultural experiences to help students practice their language skills in real-world contexts.

CLC Montreal Language School: CLC offers comprehensive English courses and a supportive learning environment that encourages students to improve their language skills quickly.

McGill School of Continuing Studies: McGill offers English programs for various levels, allowing learners to benefit from the university’s academic excellence while improving their language skills.

4. Calgary: Western Hospitality and English Learning

Calgary, located in the heart of Alberta’s picturesque landscapes, offers a friendly atmosphere that complements language learning.

Top 5 Schools:

Global Village Calgary: Global Village provides a range of English courses with a focus on communication skills. Their experienced teachers and friendly atmosphere contribute to effective language learning.

Omnicom School of Languages: Omnicom offers English courses for all levels, focusing on practical language skills and cultural understanding to help students integrate into English-speaking environments.

ILAC International College: ILAC’s Calgary campus offers a supportive environment for learning English, with experienced instructors and a range of programs to suit different learning needs.

LSC – Language Studies Canada: LSC offers intensive English courses with a focus on interactive learning and real-world language practice, helping students become confident English speakers.

Bow Valley College: Bow Valley College offers English language programs designed to enhance language skills for both academic and practical purposes, catering to a diverse range of learners.

5. Ottawa: Capital City Language Excellence

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, presents a unique opportunity to learn English while immersing yourself in the nation’s history and politics.

Top 5 Schools:

Algonquin College Language Institute
: Algonquin College offers English programs for various proficiency levels, focusing on practical communication skills and cultural integration.

Carleton University English Language Programs: Carleton University provides English courses designed to help students succeed academically and professionally while improving their language skills.

University of Ottawa Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute: This institute offers English programs in Ottawa’s bilingual environment, providing a unique opportunity to improve language skills in both English and French.

OC Languages: OC Languages offers immersive English programs for practical communication skills, with a focus on real-world language use.

Ottawa Language Institute: The Ottawa Language Institute provides a variety of English courses for different skill levels, helping students improve their language skills while exploring the city’s culture and history.

Learn English in Canada expected cost

CitySchoolTuition Range (per month)Additional Costs
TorontoILAC$800 – $1,200Registration, Materials
TorontoEC Toronto$800 – $1,200Registration, Materials
TorontoKaplan International Languages$800 – $1,200Registration, Activities
TorontoTamwood Language Centres$700 – $1,000Registration, Activities
TorontoGEOS Languages Plus Toronto$700 – $1,000Registration, Materials
VancouverStafford House Vancouver$800 – $1,200Registration, Activities
Vancouverinlingua Vancouver$800 – $1,200Registration, Materials
VancouverVGC International College$800 – $1,200Registration, Activities
VancouverGlobal Village English Centres Vancouver$800 – $1,200Registration, Activities
VancouverVanWest College$800 – $1,200Registration, Materials
MontrealALI – Académie Linguistique Internationale$600 – $1,000Registration, Materials
MontrealILSC Montreal$600 – $1,000Registration, Activities
MontrealEC Montreal$600 – $1,000Registration, Materials
MontrealCLC Montreal Language School$600 – $1,000Registration, Activities
MontrealMcGill School of Continuing Studies$600 – $1,000Registration, Materials
CalgaryGlobal Village Calgary$700 – $1,100Registration, Activities
CalgaryOmnicom School of Languages$700 – $1,100Registration, Materials
CalgaryILAC International College$700 – $1,100Registration, Activities
CalgaryLSC – Language Studies Canada$700 – $1,100Registration, Materials
CalgaryBow Valley College$700 – $1,100Registration, Activities
OttawaAlgonquin College Language Institute$600 – $1,000Registration, Materials
OttawaCarleton University English Language Programs$600 – $1,000Registration, Activities
OttawaUniversity of Ottawa Official Languages$600 – $1,000Registration, Materials
OttawaOC Languages$600 – $1,000Registration, Activities
OttawaOttawa Language Institute$600 – $1,000Registration, Materials


Choosing a city in Canada to learn English depends on your preferences, goals, and the kind of environment you thrive in. Whether you prefer the cultural diversity of Toronto, the natural beauty of Vancouver, the bilingual experience of Montreal, the hospitality of Calgary, or the political atmosphere of Ottawa, Canada has a city that aligns perfectly with your language learning journey. Embrace the experience, make connections, and watch your English skills flourish in this welcoming and enriching country.

The Best Cities to Learn English in Canada

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