What are the best Countries to immigrate

Do you usually wonder about the easiest country to immigrate to? Or about the countries you want to immigrate to?

The decision to immigrate abroad may be an exciting and life-changing thing, but it is not an easy decision as it requires a lot of evaluation and thought, but rather a clear and tangible plan to ensure that you take this big important step.

There are many factors that play an important role in the decision-making process. Security, comfortable standard of living and privileged living conditions are some of the aspects that must be taken into consideration when considering immigration abroad. And most of all, select the right country that meets these conditions and guarantees you and your family a better life and a brighter future.

What are the best countries to immigrate?

In many cases, immigration will take a long time, as this step involves a lot of procedures and adherence to rules and bureaucratic transactions, but when choosing the right country, this step is worth the struggle and effort.

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Below is a list of countries to which you are applying to immigrate:

1- Canada

Whether you want to immigrate to an English-speaking or French-speaking country, and value comfort and security above all, immigration to Canada may be your ideal choice.

Canada is the easiest country to immigrate to, and it is not exaggerated. It is considered one of the best countries to live in, according to the United Nations. The country has a liberal immigration policy and has offered immigrants a safe passage to its shores over the years.

Canada plans to continue its policy of welcoming immigrants to the country while recognizing their contribution to the country’s economic growth.

As part of its 2019-2021 immigration plan, Canada plans to increase its immigration targets to reach one million immigrants by 2022. Canada is facing a shortage of skilled workers because the Canadian population has not been able to grow at the required speed and the country is looking for foreign workers to replace retirees.

Canada also has some of the best universities around the world. It also has a very low rate of crime and violence, and it has high standards of living which makes it one of the best, if not the best, countries to immigrate.

2- Germany

Germany is among the best economies in the world and boasts the lowest levels of unemployment in the European Union. Not only that, with some great cities such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, in addition to its stunning landscapes and imaginary ancient castles, Germany is a favorite destination for many immigrants.

Today, more than 9 million foreigners live in Germany, and every year thousands immigrate to Germany from all over the world in the hope of a better life.

Various nationalities, races, and religions, as well as educational backgrounds and occupations, have made Germany a wonderful cultural mosaic.

But, what makes Germany a country that many people want to immigrate to?

The reason is actually due to the comprehensive social welfare system incorporated into the law. In this way, Germany is committed to protecting the basic needs and basic needs of life for its citizens as well as their freedom. Committed to the principles of equality, Germany is keen to provide the same benefits to immigrants.

3- New Zealand

Is there anything not to like about New Zealand? It is one of the most admired countries in the world, and in recent years it has become a very multicultural country as many foreign children who are born in it consider it their home country.

Despite its economic prosperity, New Zealand still suffers from a skill shortage problem and is constantly seeking to attract qualified and knowledgeable people from around the world? It is therefore one of several countries requesting immigration to it.

Employment opportunities in New Zealand are varied and some offer much higher wages than in Europe. The quality of life in it is much better than in many countries of the world.

Not only that, the country ranks among the top 10 countries in the global human development index, which refers to life expectancy, education level and living standards.

Above all, New Zealand seems to be one of the easiest countries to start a business in, which makes it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs. Perhaps the easiest country to immigrate to.

4- Singapore

Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Asia and offers reasonable options for immigration and citizenship. It also ranks very high in the Global Human Development Index, and is a preferred immigration destination for people from Malaysia, China, India and Indonesia.

But it is also one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in. The fact that it has a relatively small area and high population density makes housing prices comparable to those of Hong Kong or New York. So if your budget is limited, Singapore may not be your first choice for immigration!

5- Australia

Australia is home to beautiful kangaroos and koalas, and a great place to settle in. The country offers a set of relatively simple laws and rules related to permanent residence in it.

High standards of living and education are not the only sources of attraction for immigrants, as job and employment prospects are also very good. Although it is a bit of an expensive country, the high average salaries make up for it.

All these reasons combined make Australia a great destination for immigrants and one of the easiest countries to immigrate to.

6- Denmark

The best thing about immigrating to Denmark is the possibility of immediate obtaining a work permit and residence permit for applicants through the Positive List Scheme program which lists understaffed jobs in various sectors including: engineering, academia, education, information technology, healthcare and medicine.

Residence permit and work permit are granted for a period of four years, renewable if you continue to work in the same job. Accompanying spouse and children shall obtain a corresponding residence permit.

Another option to immigrate to Denmark is through the Pay Limit Scheme for those who have job offers from Danish companies with salaries below the limit specified in the laws. Here, too, the individual obtains a residence permit and a work permit for a period of four years, renewable in the event of continuing to work in the same job.

7- Finland

If you don’t mind the cold weather and long winter nights, Finland might be one of the calmest, happiest and safest countries to live in. It is one of the countries where you can see the wonderful twilight lights, which is a plus, no doubt.

In addition, the Finnish capital Helsinki is one of the most livable cities in the world.

You can immigrate to Finland to work or as an entrepreneur to start your own business and business. You will be eligible for the Entrepreneur’s Residence Permit.

Although living in Finland may be expensive, the salaries are excellent and cover it up. The social benefits of health insurance and retirement are among the best in the world. It makes Finland one of the best and easiest countries to immigrate to.

8- United States of America

The United States of America is known as the “Land of Liberty”, and it attracts many immigrants from different parts of the world, always seeking to live the “American Dream” or the American Dream.

With its strong economy and advanced educational system, America is a suitable destination for young people and families, and its many states offer you all the options you could want in terms of climate and geography, where you will find deserts, forests, mountains, as well as coastal cities.

But immigration to America is not easy, and you may need a lot of time to obtain a green card through the agency of one of the card holders or through the lottery conducted by America to allow immigrants to obtain a permanent residence permit.

9- Paraguay

Paraguay attracts many retirees who want to settle in South America. As the low cost of living and the value of taxes allow them to enjoy their retirement salaries and live a fulfilling life. Since it is a semi-tropical country, it has a lot of beautiful, charming landscapes.

One of the things that makes it easy to immigrate to Paraguay is that you only need $5,000 to move to live there, as the amount is deposited in the central bank before you travel there.

As for the best way to migrate and settle there, it is by starting a private project as a small company or agricultural land for investment.

Once your application to immigrate and settle in Paraguay is accepted, you must not spend more than 3 years outside the country, otherwise your application will be considered void.

10- Norway

Norway offers good living conditions coupled with free education. It is also one of the happiest countries in the world to live, and its residents are known for their health, wellness and longevity.

In addition, it is a completely safe and ideal country to migrate to with your family. Without forgetting, of course, its charming, picturesque nature.

It is also worth noting that the immigration laws to Norway are not complicated which makes the application and approval procedures relatively easy. There are also several types of visas, including:

  • Job offers.
  • Study permits.
  • Reunification permit.

Priority is always given to applicants for a family unification permit.

This was a list of 10 of the best and relatively easiest countries to immigrate to in terms of application procedures for a permanent residence permit.

Which of these countries would you like to immigrate to and why? Or is there another country that you dream of traveling and living in?

Share your opinion with us through the comments and do not hesitate to register on the site to receive the latest articles and opportunities to travel abroad.

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