6 tips you need to know to keep your employees happy and satisfied

Keeping your employees happy and in a good mood is a top priority if you are the president or CEO of a company. And if we investigate the accuracy, we will find that the good mood of the employees and the company’s revenues are inseparable. Therefore, you see the major companies constantly searching and investigating innovative and effective ways to improve the mood of their employees and gain their satisfaction, because they are fully aware that their success stems from the success of their employees, and the success of their employees comes as a result of their feeling of comfort and satisfaction in their workplaces.

In today’s article, we will talk about the most important ways that employers can follow in order to keep their employees happy, but before that, some may ask the following question:

Why all this attention to the happiness and mood of the employee?

Here are four reasons for this:

  1- A happy employee means smart decisions

 The employee in a good mood makes smarter and more creative decisions on the job; So, a study called “ Satisfaction or Maximization: Happiness Is a Matter of Choice ” by Swarthmore College indicates that staff who are safe from anxiety and stress are more likely to make better decisions that are in the best interest of the company. Diaspora among overworked employees can be rife with the effects of work, while happy employees have the ability to make tougher decisions.

Your job as an employer is to instill respect and trust in your staff; To give them inspiration and happiness to do and perform their work in the best possible way.

  2- Customer happiness is the happiness of employees

A happy employee gives a better impression of the company to customers, so they are keen to serve customers with the best possible quality, taking care that the customer has a good experience. Likewise, customers will be more inclined to engage with employees with cheerful faces and positive behavior.

  3- Convenience of employees. Employers avoid the procedures of searching for new employees all the time

Certainly, a relaxed and happy employee at his workplace will not quit, while employees who are dissatisfied with their work environment will consider moving to look for a new position that might be in your company’s competitor. Such an environment is repulsive to employees, and instead of directing the company’s capabilities and resources to upgrade it, you find you deviate from this to search for and appoint new employees, which leads you into the cycles of diaspora that may only end with the exhaustion of your company’s entire resources.

  4- Happiness motivates employees to be creative

This is self-evident, as the employee who is comfortable in his work, and his surrounding environment will undoubtedly be more able to use his creative thinking skills to come up with innovative ideas that contribute to the development and growth of the company.

5- Employees do not keep their happiness to themselves, they cause the happiness of others

Happiness is like perfume. No sooner does someone put it on until it spreads throughout the room and everyone enjoys it. Your team and organization will be happy, and your team’s energy will be enhanced as a whole, so interdependence and communication between employees becomes the main driver of their work.

6 tips to keep your employees happy

Now that you know the importance of maintaining a positive employee spirit and its importance in advancing your company, you may be asking yourself, “How can I keep my employees happy?”

Well, here are 6 tips that you can follow to keep your employees happy:

1- Create a healthy work environment that suits everyone

The job of each of your employees is of separate importance, so ensuring a suitable environment for everyone is of the utmost importance. We can now say that a flexible work environment suitable for everyone is not only a common expression, but a reflection of the future of the company or business. The feeling of employees that they have enough flexibility at work gives them ample freedom to balance their professional and personal lives. This amount of rest will undoubtedly raise the level of happiness and productivity of your employees, so they will not feel that they are subject to any form of pressure during work.

Also, creating flexible work schedules for employees makes them fresher and happier every day and significantly reduces their stress during working hours. If each employee has an appropriate work schedule that takes into account the appropriate working times for him, he will enjoy more comfort and the ability to complete tasks as quickly as possible.

Some employees may find that the best time to work is in the early morning, while others prefer to work during the night. Flexible work schedules and hours explore the best times when an employee can give their best and get the most work done in record time. Staff feel free to complete their tasks in accordance with their own schedule, motivating them to be more productive and keen on the quality of their work.

2- Listen to your employees’ opinions and points of view

Managers make decisions and employees don’t know about them until after they’re in place—a common feature of many companies. Taking a decisive decision without referring to the opinions and suggestions of the staff leads to a feeling of neglect and forgetfulness for your staff, which serves to let your employees down and reduce their motivation and motivate them to work.

If you are looking to create a positive work environment that makes your employees happy, then listening to them and asking for their opinions and feedback is of the utmost importance. As an employer, you can make a huge difference in how employees handle their tasks. Studies indicate that 40% of new employees evaluate the competence of their supervisors as not up to the expected level.

A good alternative is to be mindful of employee suggestions and opinions. Make sure your staff is involved in the decision-making process at an early stage, especially if the decision directly affects them. Your employees will see these considerations as a sign of appreciation for their opinions and feedback, and this will give them confidence that they are partners in the decision-making process.

3- Investigate transparency at work

The culture of transparency in the work environment is no less important than the previous two items, as it affects one way or another the mood of your company’s employees, whether this effect is negative or positive. The latter is, of course, the desired goal in any work environment.

How to create such an environment lies in making every effort that your employees seek transparency in your decisions and transactions, share with you the goals and expectations of the company and any information related to the nature of the company’s work and directions so that this does not harm its privacy. For example, staff should be fully aware of the laws that are used when dealing with specific projects, meetings, or project completion dates.

Ensuring that everyone is in agreement and united around the same goal and vision is the secret ingredient to the success and increase the productivity of any company.

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4- Career progression or career growth

Corporate employees always need space to grow, navigate their missions, and advance their responsibilities. It’s hard for every employee to put in so much effort into something and not expect to get a promotion in their job or even be recognized for their effort.

The employees of any company often seek a promotion in their position or an increase in their salary, but if they do not have these opportunities, they will be discouraged and discouraged to do more; If no one appreciates their dedication to their work. Instead of looking for promotions and other positions in your company, they will start looking for job opportunities in other companies that value and respect their efforts. 

Career growth and progression of responsibilities are the cornerstones of employees. If this works to arouse their enthusiasm and emotions regarding dealing with risks, presenting all new ideas, seeking support and guidance, working to improve their skills, and growing both personally and professionally.

Once again, this reminds us of the importance of transparency at work. To be a good employer, you need to clarify your roadmap for striving for succession and promotions. The door should be kept open for those looking for a promotion. The good mood of the employees is closely related to their gradation and growth in their work.

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5- Show appreciation for the efforts of your employees and do not forget the rewards

Appreciating the employees’ good effort is not considered a blessing or something great, as the word ‘thank you’ for its smallness has an impact in the hearts of workers. Whether the effort expended is great or small, being always appreciative of them is crucial. The appreciation you show for an employee’s sales and marketing skills, or another employee’s success in completing a project important to the company, may be an important factor in raising employees’ awareness of the nature and status of their work, and the feeling they associate with that work.

There is no doubt that hearing words of praise and praise from employers has a special impact on the hearts of the employees. Rather, it is an important factor in pushing them forward, realizing that their efforts and time were not in vain. As Jackson Brown said: 

“Do not forget that the greatest need in a person’s soul is his feeling that he is appreciated.”

How do you show your appreciation for your employees at work?

 Here are some ways you can show your gratitude to your employees at work:

  • Pay out a specific reward for an achievement.
  • Ensure that all department managers and company officials appreciate the efforts of employees of all ranks.
  • Hold competitions and award initiatives at every company event.
  • The officials and managers of the company should be persistent in providing positive feedback to the employees who work under their supervision at all times.
  • Use any staff meeting to make it an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and praise their work.

Creating a collaborative environment means that appreciation is not only entrusted to managers or administrators, but the way employees interact with one another is fundamental to the success of any company. It is normal for employees to appreciate each other, but it becomes difficult if the company does not encourage and reward those who engage in this behavior.

Because transparency is an essential element in transactions, you will find all the provisions around it; Here, the employees do not feel that they are in a race with their peers, but rather pull each other together until they are one entity.

6- Encourage your employees to get enough rest

Putting in the effort at work is important, of course, but be careful not to overwork your employees without realizing it. Employers mistakenly believe that getting their employees to stay late to get a project done, or forgetting about lunch, increases the company’s productivity. They do not know that such practices are counterproductive, exhausting the staff, and causing them misery and tension.

Encouraging employees to leave their desks for a while and get some rest is a better alternative to their stress at work. Of course, this is easier said than done. It is a common occurrence among employees that employers evaluate their staff by the time they spend in their office chairs. If so, how can you as an employer encourage your employees to spend time with themselves?

Well, for example, you can use any of the following sentences and expressions for that:

  • How about you take a walk?
  • It’s okay to have something to drink.
  • What do you think of a snack?
  • Nothing better than a lunch break after a hard day’s work.

Encouraging employees to rest may seem strange and contradictory, but it brings more positive results. The number of breaks that employees receive is directly proportional to the increase in their productivity and dedication to their work. 

The staff will be fresher, clearer, and ready to work in more creative ways. Not only that, you will notice over time that the productivity of the company increases with the increase in rest periods; This will eliminate fatigue and stress.

No one denies the importance of maintaining a good mental health while working. Whether you are an employer or an employee of a company, you understand the impact of psychological satisfaction and a positive environment on your performance and productivity. When you are an employee, you may have little responsibility for this other than motivating yourself and trying to adapt as much as possible to your environment while maintaining a positive mindset. But…if you’re an employer, you have the power and the ability to improve your company’s environment and help your employees perform at their best.

What other things do you think your boss can do to make you feel better in your office? And what would you do to make your employees happy if you were an employer or responsible for a team of employees?

Share your opinion with us through the comments, and do not hesitate to register on our site to receive all new!

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