The most important inexpensive activities that you can do while studying in Uk

Studying in the United Kingdom is a dream for many, as it is undoubtedly at the top of the list of potential study destinations for any student who desires and aspires to complete his higher education abroad.

But the prestigious universities and the distinguished treaty in Britain is not the only reason that pushes international students to compete to travel there. The distinctive nature of this country, and the distinguished ancient culture that it offers dating back hundreds of years, all play an important role in making the United Kingdom a unique study and tourist destination.

If you are one of those fortunate enough to enroll in a British university to study, then this article is for you. Because we have compiled for you a list of the most inexpensive activities that you can do during your stay there.

1- Walk around UK parks and gardens

Gardens in Britain are truly delightful! Its calm atmosphere will give you a sense of peace and will be an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and life in general. Living alone in exile is undoubtedly hard, so nature may give you the serenity and solace you need.

You can find parks and gardens almost all over the country, so make sure you maintain a regular routine to visit them, as they are a great opportunity to stay active, as well as a very convenient place to meet and meet new people.

Approximate cost to visit the parks: Free!

2- Visit London

This point is specifically directed to students who live or study outside the capital!

Living in the United Kingdom, of course, gives you the opportunity to visit many distinctive cities, including the capital, London. There is so much to discover in this city of nearly eight million people. Which is not only a tourist attraction, but also a unique educational center due to the prestigious universities in the world.

Take some time during your vacation, arrange a trip to visit London, and enjoy its royal atmosphere and attractions that include but are not limited to:

  • Big Ben watch.
  • Tower of London.
  • Coca-Cola London Eye.
  • Tower Bridge.
  • Buckingham Palace.
  • Hyde Park.
  • Little Venice.
  • The Thames Path.

Approximate cost of visiting London: 10 to 50 pounds per visit.

3- Attending various events

You must attend at least one event or event in Britain before completing and leaving your studies there. And…believe us, there are many, many of these events in a variety of categories, ranging from concerts, book discussions, cultural festivals to sporting events.

Whatever your interests and inclinations, you will always find the right event that quenches your passion, and recharges you with energy and vitality to continue your routine college life.

You can find out more about the most important and latest events by following the Ticketmaster or Eventim UK website where you can also book and buy tickets.

Approximate cost of attending events in Britain: 10 to 100 pounds per party/event.

4- Walk around the vegetable market!

When you make the decision to study abroad, of course you have to become more self-reliant. So the responsibility for shopping and managing your finances will fall on you alone, and sooner or later you will notice that a large part of your budget revolves around food.

How about you make your food shopping routine a fun activity?!

You’ll generally need around £5-10 to spend on food per day, so a weekly vegetable market visit can have the positive effect of cutting back on that amount, and will help you maintain a healthy diet, rather than eating junk food every day.

Make this shopping trip fun, take a walk among the fresh vegetable shops, and enjoy the experience of buying staples and turning them into delicious dishes every day!

Approximate cost of food: 150 to 200 pounds per month.

5- Visit archaeological sites

The United Kingdom has many unique monuments and is known to have preserved some important moments in history.

As a student in Britain, you can learn a lot about world history by visiting museums and archaeological sites scattered throughout the country… You will undoubtedly discover many interesting information, and you will notice that the English still retain many traditions and customs from antiquity.

During these tours, you will also get a closer look at aspects such as culture, architecture and the British monarchy. As for the most famous archaeological sites that can be visited, we find:

  • Stonehenge monuments – England.
  • Warwick Castle – England.
  • Edinburgh Castle – Scotland.
  •  National History Museum – London.
  • The British Museum – London.
  • Churchill War Rooms Museum – London.
  • Manchester Museum – Manchester.

The approximate cost of visiting the archaeological sites: from 7 to 10 pounds per visit.

6- Having afternoon tea

Although afternoon tea is an ingrained British ritual, the tradition dates back to the Portuguese Princess Catarina de Bragança, who married King Charles II in 1662.

However, it was not until the end of the nineteenth century that the ritual of drinking tea was not popular in the United Kingdom. Duchess Anna Maria Russell, always hungry between lunch and dinner, began inviting her friends for tea and a few snacks.

So, as long as you live in Britain during your study period, why not try this ancient English tradition, and spend the afternoon at one of the local cafes near you enjoying a delicious cup of tea, reading your favorite book, chatting with your friends, or simply meditating The people around you are calm?!

It will be a really fun experience, and we guarantee it won’t be the last time.

7- Shakespeare Tours

Shakespeare is one of the greatest people to come to the United Kingdom. As for the legends and tales that revolve around him, they almost make him an icon of the country. You can for example visit Stratford-upon-Avon to see his birthplace and grave.

You can also go to London and see one of his classic plays, or you can do a variety of activities with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

This great writer is very popular in the UK, so it is highly unlikely that you will leave the country without doing at least one related activity.

Take this opportunity, and learn more about the history of theater literature in a special fun way that you may not have access to later.

8- Harry Potter tours

It’s okay if you never got your special invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, you’re in Britain! And you can go on your own tour to visit the various places you used to watch in your favorite Harry Potter movies, and that you always wanted to get to!

Here are some of the places in Britain where the movie scenes were shot:

  • Alnwick Castle is the location used to film the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft.
  • The village of Glencoe in Scotland, where much of the third Harry Potter movie was filmed.
  • The Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland is a Hogwarts train track.
  • The famous King’s Cross station in London stands at 9 and 3/4.

These activities will definitely keep you busy during the holiday seasons throughout your study career in Britain. In addition, they are inexpensive economic activities, but they will give you valuable information and various skills that you can always use during your future trips abroad.

Do you know of any other destinations or activities you can do while studying in the UK?

Share it with us through the comments, and do not forget to read the comprehensive guide to studying in Britain, which includes the following articles:

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