Funded Karolinska Institutet Scholarship

The Karolinska Institute Scholarship offers scholarships for all master's programs to outstanding students who desperately want to complete their education in a civilized European country.

Funded Karolinska Institutet Scholarship


- Master Degree- PhD


There are a maximum of 10 scholarships each year, distributed over the Master’s program with full funding covering full tuition fees and visa application assistance only.

Karolinska Institutet Scholarship is one of the most important medical institutes in the world with a clear goal of making a significant contribution to the improvement of human health; conducting research, teaching and interacting with the community.

It is also the largest single center for medical academic research in Sweden, and offers the largest range of medical programs and courses in the country. In 1901, the Nobel Assembly at the Institute selected winners for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Now, let’s learn about the appropriate conditions for registering for the Swedish Karolinska Institute scholarship

Karolinska Institutet Scholarship eligibility

  1. You must be applying to one of the study programs at Karolinska Institutet MA
  2. You must speak English completely fluently.
  3. You can always prove your English proficiency with an internationally recognized test
  4. As for the academic IELTS result, it should be a total score of 7 and not less than 6 in only one section.
  5. According to IELTS, test results are valid for two years.

How to apply to Karolinska Institutet Scholarship

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