Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship program is organized by the French Ministry of European affairs and diplomacy and thus enables French higher education institutions to attract top foreign students to enroll in Masters and doctoral programs.


- Diploma- Master Degree- PhD Degree

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Scholarship benefits

In addition, Master’s and doctoral programs offer the following immediate benefits:

  • International air travel: international round-trip air travel between the winner’s home country and France. Award-winning students receive one year after the end of the scholarship to take advantage of the round-trip travel benefits.
  • Train travel within France: Campus France will provide a train ticket to the winner’s first study location and a second ticket from the last study location to the airport where the winner will return home.
  • Local transportation: reimbursement of up to 50 dollars of travel expenses by taxi or public transport from the airport or train station to the first study site.
  • Health insurance: winners from outside the EEA Campus, France will provide health insurance until the actual date of registration of the winner in the French social security system.
  • Supplementary health insurance: within 2 months of arrival in France, the student must grant enrollment in the supplementary health insurance plan, the cost of which is reimbursed upon presentation of proof of Registration, up to the maximum amount established by the Ministry of foreign affairs each year. The maximum value is independent of the recording length. If the award-winning student does not provide proof of participation in the supplementary insurance plan within 2 months of arrival in France, the France campus may suspend the payment of living expenses and related services.
  • Cultural activities: in some cases, award-winning students may be entitled to help with a proof of payment of the first month’s rent and a copy of the rental contract to cover the cost of accommodation outside the halls of residence of students. The proof must be provided within 3 months from the signing of the lease agreement.

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