Doha Institute Scholarships in Qatar 

The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies offers a range of scholarships to support outstanding students who wish to pursue their postgraduate studies in Qatar. These scholarships are designed to help students overcome the financial barriers that come with pursuing higher education and provide them with the opportunity to excel in their academic pursuits.

Doha Institute Scholarships in Qatar 


- Master Degree- PhD


The Doha Institute Scholarships in Qatar are a great opportunity for anyone who wants to study in Qatar and can apply to earn this scholarship through its own applications found on its website, This scholarship is especially open to master’s and doctoral degrees.

The scholarship is available to any national or international student who aspires to obtain a master’s degree from the State of Qatar. As the main objective of the Qatar Scholarship is to attract international students, a special process is used to attract them. In addition, the scholarship is awarded without taking the IELTS test.

Details about the Doha Institute Scholarship

Funding provided in the Doha Institute Scholarship

The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Scholarship is a scholarship that fully covers all expenses of any scholarship awarded to international or domestic students, and the details of funding provided for the scholarship are shown below:

Conditions for applying

The following eligibility criteria are what are screened and decided upon for the Doha Institute Scholarship:

Documents required to apply for the Doha Institute scholarship

How to apply for the Scholarships

  1. The student creates a personal account as an applicant for the grant on the system. 
  2. Then he must create a student application file from  the DI admission portal .
  3. Each applicant is allowed to submit only one admission application, and no repeated applications for more than one program will be considered for the scholarship.
  4. The student applying for the scholarship fills out the special form and uploads all the required attachments and documents.
  5. The scholarship applicant requests letters of recommendation electronically through the same system.
  6. The applicant requests letters of recommendation electronically through the same system.
  7. The student nominated for the scholarship will receive an email enabling them to access and submit the scholarship recommendation form.
  8. The applicant can check a review online and can remind referees or create a new reference application even after the application has been submitted.


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