Romanian Government Scholarship

Romanian Government Scholarship Details

You can now study in Romania for free by applying for a free and funded Romanian Government Scholarship for all international students.

You may have already heard that you can study for free in Romania because there are many programs offered in this Scholarship.

With this article, we want to give you an overview of:

  • Complete details about the Romanian Government Scholarship.
  • Eligibility
  • Special terms for registering an application for a scholarship.
  • What are the required documents?
  • How do you register your application?
  • Which options for financial aid and study grants there are.


Many international students are considering studying abroad in Romania , but the financial difficulties, with the increase in university registration fees and the costs of lectures, books and living will certainly be more difficult. So by receiving this scholarship, you will open the doors to travel and start your free journey abroad.

Our aim is to give you an initial overview of Romanian scholarships available to international students. If you want to delve into the scholarships currently available, click on “More Information”.

Brief Description

  • University or Organization: Romanian Government Scholarship.
  • You can study in: Romania .
  • Award:Fully Funded.
  • Access Mode: Online also at the Embassy..
  • Nationality: All nationalities are allowed..

All of the following majors are available to apply for the Romanian Government Scholarship

  1. Architecture in all its branches
  2. Visual arts such as filmmaking and photography
  3. Roman culture and civilization is a complete specialization
  4. Principles of Literature and Literature
  5. Political and administrative sciences full major
  6. Education and social sciences such as education, psychology, and sociology
  7. Humanities and Linguistics
  8. Art studies such as fine art, design, music, and painting.
  9. Petroleum engineering as a full-fledged and sub-discipline
  10. Agricultural sciences, surveying, environment, and other sub-disciplines.
  11. Veterinary medicine and animal medicine are complete specialties.

Admission Criteria for Romania Scholarship

  • It is possible to apply in any  field of study  specified in advance by the scholarship at the university
  • The applicant’s age should not be more than what the donor has previously determined (see the Grant Application section).
  • You must hold a previous degree in line with the requirements of the scholarship program
  • Submit the application, fully supported by the required documents and facts
  • Delay in submitting the application or lack of documents will cause you to reject the application
  • You must meet all the conditions and criteria for admission to the institution (university).
  • Complete the application for  the scholarship  in full within the specified dates
  • The requirement to have a recognized academic qualification.
  • You have the right motivation and motivation to apply.

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  • To apply for Romanian Government Scholarship, you must be an international student.
  • You must have a strong academic background.
  • Hold the latest certificate from an institution, school or university in your country recognized by the Ministry of Education.
  • Applicants must be responsible citizens and demonstrate cross-cultural sensitivity and flexibility to adapt effectively to life.
  • Not residing in Romania at the time of applying for the scholarship.
  • Submit the application, fully supported by the required documents.
  • Delay in submitting the application or lack of documents will cause you to reject the application
  • You have the right motivation to apply
  • Complete the full scholarship application Form within the Deadlines.

Note: Sometimes scholarships are linked to demands, such as that the scholarship holder has to return to their home country to work for a specified period after their studies in Romania .

  • Language Requirement: none

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Students selected by the Romanian Government Scholarship will get:

  • Covering tuition fees.
  • Covering the living costs.
  • Official acceptance letter.
  • You can then Apply for the Romanian Study Visa.

The student will be exempted from either all or part of the tuition fee. This is according to the academic average of the academic average you obtained during the last certificate which you submitted to register for the scholarship.

Usually full exemptions are for students who get a very high rate.

In addition, the educational institution will send you a letter of acceptance to obtain a visa from the Romania embassy, all the details are below..

Supporting Documents:

  • Copy of passport/ID
  • Copies of transcripts/diplomas
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Letter of motivation
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume
  • Standardized test scores
  • You may send: Essay – Portfolio – Parents’ financial information
  • A medical report/ heath evaluation form
  • Important: When applying to more than one postgraduate major (maximum 3 courses), you are required to submit one letter of motivation explaining why you are applying for these specific courses and why you have chosen that priority.
  • Employment certificate from the employer if any that proves at least two years of relevant work experience.

Do you Know: The Romanian Government Scholarship is the largest Romanian funding opportunity for international academic cooperation and is, therefore, the largest scholarship provider for international students looking to study in Romania .

How to Apply for Romanian Government Scholarship

There is only one way to register for the Romania Scholarship and it is as follows:

  • Fill out 2 registration forms
  • Book an appointment at the Romanian Embassy in your country
  • Go to the appointment and take with you all the previously required documents along with the forms and your passport
  • Fill in the Romanian government scholarship application data.
  • Submit the application at the embassy, ​​and wait for the result.
  • If you get the scholarship, the embassy will contact you, and you will receive an email confirming this from the university and the Romanian Ministry of Education.
  • In the email you will receive all the next steps that you must take.

Important notes on the application:

  • Application files sent by post or directly to the university will not be taken into consideration
  • Incomplete or incompatible files with fields of study and methodology are considered ineligible and will not be evaluated by the Ministry of Education committee
  • The files of rejected candidates will not be returned after the evaluation of the MFA and MNC committees.

Romania Government Scholarship Results

After receiving the Romanian government scholarship, the results of admission will be announced if you are accepted with the scholarship on 15.06. In addition, after the results are announced, you must arrive in Romania between 01.10 and 15.10 of each academic year.

if you want to apply now, click here to get the official Romanian Government Scholarship website.

You can study one of the Following Majors:

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