The UAE University Scholarship has special requests for any national or international student from all over the world who has the qualifications to be able to obtain the UAE University Scholarship.

The UAE also encourages students who aspire to obtain various academic degrees from the United Arab Emirates University, such as a master’s degree or a doctorate degree, to apply. The scholarship is fully funded, and the academic session is funded.

UAE University Scholarships Details

Available Academic Fields & Majors

United Arab Emirates University offers scholarships in various scientific fields and academic disciplines; Check the list below:

Financial Coverage

The UAE Scholarship grants students to cover the following:

UAE University Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

Any student wishing to receive a scholarship from the UAE University, must complete the eligibility criteria for the scholarship, which are:

Required Documents

UAE Scholarships for international students Application

The online application form must be filled out with the following information:

How to Apply

Each student applying for the scholarship must fill in the electronic form with all the required documents.

If you are one of those interested in getting the UAE University Scholarship, visit the official link below: