University Of Melbourne Scholarship

You can now study in Australia for free by applying for a free and funded University of Melbourne Scholarship for all international students. You may have already heard that you can study for free in Australia because there are many programs offered in this Scholarship.


- Bachelor Degree

01 -Apr

Scholarship benefits

Many international students are considering studying abroad in Australia, but the financial difficulties, with the increase in university registration fees and the costs of lectures, books and living will certainly be more difficult. So by receiving this scholarship, you will open the doors to travel and start your free journey abroad.

Students selected by the University of Melbourne Scholarship will get:

  • Covering tuition fees.
  • Covering the living costs.
  • Official acceptance letter.
  • You can then Apply for the Australian Study Visa.

The student will be exempted from either all or part of the tuition fee. This is according to the academic average of the academic average you obtained during the last certificate which you submitted to register for the scholarship.

Usually full exemptions are for students who get a very high rate.

In addition, the educational institution will send you a letter of acceptance to obtain a visa from the Australia embassy, all the details are below..

Get More Information

  • Check if the university is right for you.
  • Check Eligibility
  • Check the documents required for registration.
  • Get the direct registration link


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