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If we take a look around the universities in the whole world and consider the prices of tuition fees that continue to rise with the passage of years, we would think that it is impossible to obtain an accredited degree without paying four or five-figure fees, or at least without a scholarship for geniuses with astronomical degrees and not other students, but Fortunately, this assumption is not always correct. It may be hidden from some of us that there are several countries around the world that offer their students university seats with fees at their fingertips and in the space of their helplessness, and other countries that do not oblige students to pay any amounts in the first place.

Below we will review a selection of these countries that will allow you to study in Europe for free, or at low costs that suit everyone’s needs. You may not be aware of the advantages that students obtain who complete their education in Europe, whether in terms of job opportunities after completing their studies or even opportunities to complete education and obtain higher degrees such as masters and doctorates.  

The best countries to study in Europe for free

So, here is a list of the best European countries that offer free or low-cost education, and give you the opportunity to study in Europe for free:

1- Germany

The interest in studying in German universities is increasing day by day. This is due to the fact that famous German universities do not differentiate between EU students and the rest of the students of other countries, and do not ask them to pay any tuition fees except for negligible formal fees when they first register (280-170 dollars) This is to cover administrative expenses only. 

The state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany is an exception to this rule, as it set mandatory tuition fees for students from outside the European Union – with the exception of refugees and doctoral students – and a decision was issued in the fall of 2017 obligating these students to pay an amount of (1,660) dollars per semester. academic year, or $3,320 for each new academic year, in addition to reducing the costs of a  second bachelor’s degree to $720 for a semester and $1,440 for an academic year.

It is expected that the rest of the German cities will follow the same principle in the fees of university students in the hope of investing and developing the curricula of German universities and continuing to upgrade them, not to mention that the free lectures and materials offered to students are in German and not in English, but this cost remains in all cases acceptable, and much less. of the costs of university studies in countries such as Britain and the United States of America.

2- France

France may not be known to compete with Germany in terms of the ease of providing higher education to all students from different countries, and these students may be surprised that they can study for free or at a reasonable cost, regardless of their nationalities. Since it is more accurate to mention the existence of tuition fees for public universities in France, but it is nothing if compared to the rest of the universities in other countries, where the students of the European Union and Switzerland pay about 190 dollars per year, and it was almost the same for students of other countries until the government issued French at the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic year, a decision to require undergraduate students from outside the European Union to pay tuition fees of $3,065 per year.

On the other hand, the opportunities for international scholarships were tripled, to reach about 21,000 scholarships targeting international students from all over the world. 

It must be taken into account that the more specialized your program of study, such as pharmacy and engineering for example, there are additional fees to be paid, but do not worry, it is not very expensive. As in Germany, most of the free study programs are offered in the original language of the country, and therefore taught in French, and if you like, you can prepare to study the French language before starting your university journey on the French campus, realizing that the fees for learning French fall entirely on you, and increase your study opportunities. In English only there in your last year before graduation.

The following articles will help you on your study journey in France:

3- The Scandinavian countries 

The high quality of life in these developed countries with free politics guarantees that you can enjoy and enjoy the beauty of their renewable nature, and they do not lack the qualities of perfection, except to mention that they lead the strongest educational systems in the world. These countries include:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Norway 
  • And Sweden

Each of the above countries offers free and affordable study opportunities that the vast majority of international students can take advantage of.

In Norway, postgraduate studies at all levels are free of charge for all students of different nationalities, except for a modest fee ranging between (66-33) dollars per semester. It is worth saying that one of the conditions for students of other nationalities to gain places at the university is to prove their proficiency in the Norwegian language; Most of the university’s educational materials and programs are offered in the country’s original language. Undergraduate programs in English become more abundant for doctoral and master’s students than other students, with the possibility of continuing to learn them for free.

The situation can only be easier in the universities of Iceland, where the registration fee in the most famous universities is (600) dollars per year! As for the rest of the countries from Denmark, Sweden and Finland – which have recently joined them – they guarantee funding for doctoral students’ programs, and allow them to work and earn their own money, all without the students paying their tuition fees. As for the rest of the undergraduate students, they are divided into two parts:

  • Students of the European Union and Switzerland: education is completely free
  • Students of other countries: they are obligated to tuition fees for both master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Students in Denmark pay between ( 6,670-17,800 ) dollars annually, and students in Sweden pay the cost of almost all study materials, which range between ( 8,200-14,870 ) dollars, and students are obligated In Finland, fees vary between ( 6,640-19,900 ) annually

Otherwise, students of other nationalities can study completely free of charge if they are offered educational materials in Swedish or Finnish. And do not forget that even if the study is free, or with affordable fees, the cost of living in these countries may constitute an obstacle; As it is not within the reach of everyone, such as tuition costs, due to the healthy economy of this country, and the strength of the Scandinavian currency in general.

4- Austria

In Austria, EU students have the same rights as Austrians for higher education at all levels for a limited time before they are required to pay a tuition fee of $386 per semester, while for other international students from outside the EU they pay a tuition fee of $803 per semester. If we take the annual cost of living with full tuition into account, we find that students from other countries will pay an estimated $12,600 per year.

5- Belgium

The situation is not much different in the country of chocolate, as European students still have priority in terms of study and living benefits, and their annual fees do not exceed 952 dollars, and despite the clear difference in fees for students of other nationalities, it is not beyond their reach (4,620 dollars per year). . As is the case in the Republic of Austria, the cost of living in general is estimated at 12,600 dollars per year.

6- Czech Republic

The postgraduate system is very clear in the Czech Republic. If you speak the Czech language fluently, you have guaranteed your free seat at its universities. If you want to receive lessons in English, you can pay a small fee ranging from ( 4,425-13,275 ) dollars per year. In terms of cost of living, the Czech Republic may compete with other countries in Western Europe, where these costs do not exceed $ 9,000 per year.

7- Greece

Greece wins by being the cheapest country in the European Union in terms of living first and studying second, although it also prefers students of European Union citizenship and provides them with free study opportunities except for a few master’s programs, but it promises students of other countries with seats in higher education programs for 1,660 Only a dollar per year.

 8- Italy

The most famous thing for higher education in Italy is the private universities with imaginary tuition fees, which may concern the Italian population only, although the students of the rest of the European cities share with them this preference, which includes almost endless advantages of study loans, grants, exemptions from fees and others. It is not the same with public universities that obligate students to a simple fee of ( 995-4,420 dollars) per year, and fees vary in this range depending on the differences and different study programs.

9- Spain 

Spain does not ask European students to pay tuition fees beyond their capabilities, and in terms of international students from outside the European Union, it also asks them only for a nominal fee ranging between (830 – 2,760 dollars) per academic year, with the possibility of increasing these fees for graduates. As for the cost of living, it ranges between $11,940 – $14,600 per year.

Thus, we have put in your hands a simple guide about studying in Europe for free and a list of the best European countries that offer university places to international students for free or for a small tuition fee. All you have to do is make up your mind and define your destination that you see fits your goals and dreams after researching your sources and examining your options.

Source: QsTopUniversities  

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