The best universities in the world according to the QS rankings for the year 2020

If you are interested in studying abroad and want to learn about the best international universities, then you have no doubt heard about the QS World University Rankings, issued annually by the British education company Quacquarelli Symonds . Each year, it includes a list of the best 800 universities around the world that students can enroll and study in.

QS rankings Criteria

The QS ranking is based on six important criteria in evaluating and ranking universities, including the following:
  • Academic reputation. (40% of the total rating).
  • The ratio of students to faculty members (20% of the total rating).
  • Published research by faculty members, publication rate, and citations by researchers in the world for research submitted by researchers and academics at the university. (20% of the total rating).
  • Employers’ opinions about the readiness and efficiency of university graduates (10% of the total rating).
  • Percentage of foreign faculty members at the university. (5% of the total rating).
  • Percentage of foreign and international students at the university (5% of the total rating).
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Top 10 Universities in the World 2020

Below is a list of the top 10 universities for this year, 2020 ranked in descending order. This is according to the famous QS classification:

10- University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a private research university founded in 1890 in Hyde Park. The university was ranked 10th in the QS rankings for the year 2020, with high points in the academic reputation criterion.

9- Imperial College London

It is also known as Imperial London College of Science, Technology and Medicine. It was founded in 1907 by merging a group of colleges together. It is located in the South Kensington area of ​​London. The university is distinguished by its focus on the fields of science, medicine, engineering, and business administration. It was ranked ninth in the QS classification this year by scoring high points in the criteria of employers’ opinions.

8- University College London

This university is considered one of the oldest and oldest British universities, as it was founded in 1826 under the name “University of London”, and it has branches in Qatar and Australia. This year, the university moved up two places to become the highest-ranking university in London and the eighth in the world, achieving high scores in the academic reputation standard.

7- University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is the second oldest university in the English-speaking world after the University of Oxford. It was founded in 1209 in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This year, the university dropped one place in the QS rankings, but it is still in the top 10 in the world. It scored full marks in the benchmark for academic reputation and employer reviews.

6- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich

This institute is considered one of the best educational institutions in Switzerland, as it was founded in 1854 by the Swiss Confederation, and they currently have more than 18,000 students. This year, the Institute moved up one rank to rank sixth in the world, achieving high points in the standard of research published by the faculty.

5- California Institute of Technology

Caltech was founded in 1891 by businessman Amos J. Thorpe. It is the institute where Dr. Ahmed Zewail, the 1999 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, worked.The institute has moved down one rank this world to be ranked fifth in the world according to the QS classification for the year 2020. It has scored high points in both the student-faculty ratio and the published research by the faculty.

4- University of Oxford

The university was founded in 1096 to be the oldest university in the western world and one of the most prestigious universities in the entire world. It occupies the highest ranks in various international classifications. This year, it overtook Cambridge University to take fourth place in the QS 2020 rankings, scoring full marks in both academic reputation and employers’ opinions of its graduates.

3- Harvard University

Harvard University is the largest university in the world by area and one of the oldest and most prestigious American universities. It was founded in 1636 by the Protestant priest John Harvard. The university maintained its position in this year’s QS ranking as the third best university in the world. And the first in the world in terms of academic reputation, and the opinions of employers.

2- Stanford University

This private research university was founded in Silicon Valley in 1885 by Leland Stanford and officially began teaching there on October 1, 1891. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and it still maintains its position as second in the world according to the 2020 QS rankings, achieving Its highest score in the academic reputation standard.

1- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Founded in 1861 by the acronym MIT, the institute has become a world-renowned scholarly edifice. It was a station for many researchers and scholars who joined it as students and teachers. Over the years, 85 faculty members at the institute have won the Nobel Prize.The Institute maintained its first position as the best university in the world for the eighth year in a row according to the QS ranking, achieving full marks in both the academic reputation standard, the opinions of employers and the research published by the faculty.In addition to this list, the ranking includes more than 750 other universities around the world that are considered one of the best and most prestigious universities that anyone dreams of joining. Among these universities, we find in the Arab world the following universities:

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