UK vs USA – Which Is Better To Study?

When deciding to enroll in a university abroad to study, there are of course many factors to consider. For example, deciding the major you want to study, or the nature of the university you want to attend, do you prefer big universities that give you the feeling that you are part of something great, or do you tend to enroll in smaller universities that make you feel like you belong? However, before answering all these questions, you must make a decision about the country in which you want to study first. Here, the United States of America and UK will be at the top of the list of countries to consider. Although they share the same language, these two countries differ from each other in many cultural and social aspects, and even in the field of education and study. Each of them offers you a different experience from the other. Which country would you choose? In today’s article, we will talk about the most important differences between the experience of studying in America and the experience of studying in Britain. We will leave you the choice at the end of the article to decide which country is most suitable for you.

About the number of international students in Britain and America

Nine of the top 10 universities in the world are located either in the United States or Britain, according to the QS University Ranking 2020. The number of international students enrolled in American universities is more than one million students annually, while Britain receives more than 440,000 international students each year. general. Since Britain’s higher education system is smaller than the United States, these numbers mean that 19% of students in Britain are international students, while only 5.5% are international students in America.

Studying in Britain or studying in America?

Here are the most important differences that you can see in the study experience between America and Britain:

First, the teaching method

  • In America, teachers will accompany you in every step of your academic career, and provide you with the necessary expertise to achieve success. In Britain, you will be responsible for your academic decisions, and you will find that the curricula depend more on theory than practice.
  • Expect lots of research projects, homework and snap exams in the American education system, while in the British education system you’ll have more freedom and peace to decide which style of study is best for you. But you will also be expected to present a number of presentations and research papers.
  • In America, you can choose your undergraduate major in the second year of university, where you can try a number of subjects in different disciplines during the first year of study. While the matter is different in Britain, you must select your specialization from the first year and stick to it throughout the years of study.

Second: the duration of the study

  • It takes four years to study a bachelor’s degree in the United States of America, while it takes only three years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Britain. Students in Britain can postpone studies for one year after entering the university, which is known as the Gap Year, during which they can travel abroad or join practical training opportunities or work to save study costs.
  • In the United States, students can obtain a doctorate degree directly after their bachelor’s, but in Britain it is different, you cannot enroll in a doctoral program without going through a master’s degree.
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Third: the grading system

  • The degree system in the USA is generally simple, with the letters A, B, C, D and F being used for marks. where A is the highest score and F is the lowest. It is a traditional method common in many educational institutions around the world, where a mark of 90 is considered excellent, 80 is good, 70 is acceptable and below that indicates failure and failure.
  • In Britain, the system of marks differs, where percentages are used to express academic performance, as shown in the following table:
Brand Appreciation
70%-75% Distinction
60%-69% Merit or Merit
50%-59% Success or Pass
50% and below Fail or Fail

Fourth: Study and living costs

One of the most important things you should think about before deciding to study abroad is the costs of studying and living, of course. Although tuition fees are high in both countries, the costs of studying in Britain are lower than in the United States of America.
  • The cost of studying for international students in Britain is about $16,000 annually, while the costs of studying in America can reach $25,000 in public universities and $34,000 in private universities.
  • Both America and Britain offer many scholarships for international students, as the United States is famous for its annual Fulbright grants , while the Chevening master’s degree scholarships are the most popular in Britain, in addition to many other university scholarships that you can choose what suits you and thus reduce the burden of study on you.
  • In American universities, you will need to buy books and courses as well, which can be a little expensive, but in Britain, in some cases, you can abandon this matter, because most teachers publish course materials and curricula online.
  • Student dormitories are more popular in Britain than in the USA. However, finding an accommodation partner in America is much easier, as most rooms or apartments available in Britain are single. It is not unusual for the British to live with strangers.
  • The cost of living in both Britain and America is often high in major cities, such as the capitals of the two countries, and gradually decreases in the suburbs and smaller cities.

Fifth: University life and available activities

It is important to realize that the experience of social life outside the classroom differs greatly between the two countries, while university life in Britain will make you feel like you are at the famous Hogwarts School from Harry Potter, you will find that life in America is a wide range of clubs and social activities .
  • American universities attach great importance to sports activities, and offer many scholarships for outstanding athletes. Also, players in different teams cannot reach professionalism if they do not participate in university sports teams.
  • British universities offer many sports activities and clubs that students can join, but university sports events are not as popular as in America.
  • The most popular American sports in universities are rugby, while the most popular British sports are football, tennis and cricket.
These were the most important differences between the study experience in America and Britain, where you can choose what suits you best. If you are interested in finishing your studies in less time, Britain will most likely be your choice, while if you are seeking to professionalize in sports, American universities will support you more than British, and so you have to start by identifying your interests and interests and then deciding on the right country for you. What do you prefer, Terry? Share your answers with us through the comments, and do not forget to register on our site to receive the latest scholarship opportunities in Britain and America.

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