Free Online Courses in Life Coaching

Free Online Courses in Life Coaching

There are several platforms that offer free online courses in life coaching. These courses can help you get started in the field of life coaching or enhance your existing skills.

There are a number of free online courses in life coaching available, covering a wide range of topics, including:

Free Online Courses in Life Coaching


Coursera offers free courses from top universities and institutions. You can find courses related to life coaching, personal development, and psychology. While the courses are free to audit, you can choose to pay for a certificate if you want to prove your completion. Website: Coursera


Similar to Coursera, edX provides access to free courses from universities and institutions worldwide. You can explore courses in coaching and personal development. Website: edX

Coursera for Specializations:

Coursera also offers specialization tracks that consist of multiple courses related to a specific topic. Some specializations in coaching and personal development may have free trial periods.


Many life coaches and experts share valuable content on YouTube. You can find video tutorials, lectures, and discussions on various aspects of life coaching, motivation, and personal development.


While Udemy primarily offers paid courses, there are also free courses available. You can search for free life coaching courses and filter the results accordingly. Website: Udemy

OpenCourseWare (OCW):

Some universities and colleges publish their course materials online for free. You can explore OCW platforms to find relevant courses in psychology and counseling. Website: MIT OpenCourseWare

Life Coach Training Institute:

This platform offers a free introductory course in life coaching. It’s a good starting point for those interested in pursuing a career in life coaching. Website: Life Coach Training Institute

LinkedIn Learning:

Some LinkedIn Learning courses may be available for free as part of a trial period. You can search for coaching and personal development courses on the platform. Website: LinkedIn Learning


Skillshare offers a range of courses, and some instructors provide free classes. You can explore courses related to coaching and personal development. Website: Skillshare

Tips for choosing an online life coaching course

Before enrolling in any free online course, be sure to check the course content, reviews, and instructor qualifications to ensure it aligns with your goals and expectations. Additionally, keep in mind that while free courses can provide valuable knowledge, they may not offer the same level of depth and certification as paid programs.

Keep in mind that while the courses themselves may be free, some platforms may offer optional paid certifications or additional resources. Here are some websites where you can find free life coaching courses:

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